Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A Typical Tuesday

Today was pretty much what you'd expect for me three weeks before Election Day.

I was up early for a morning appearance on a News Talk radio station in Palmdale.

Then I went to California State University Northridge to tape a debate on Prop. 87 at the television studio in Manzanita Hall. (For those of you in Los Angeles: this debate -- On Point -- will air on Public Access Channel 36 on Sunday, October 22nd at 4:00 p.m.)

Next it was off to LAX to fly to San Francisco to participate in a conference for the next two days.

At LAX I saw Rupert Grint (photo above), the red-headed co-star of the Harry Potter movies. I had a chance to chat him up while waiting in line at the gift shop (I was buying newspapers). He seemed delighted that I knew he has a new movie out. (Or was he acting?) And now that I talked to him about it, I feel obligated to go see "Driving Lessons," which also stars Julie Walters and Laura Linney.

Later at LAX I bumped into my friend Brian Seveland -- also a red head -- but since Brian doesn't have a new movie coming out I didn't take a picture.
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