Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last month when I was in New York City the zipper on the wool lining of my jacket broke. It's never cold enough to need to wear the lining in Los Angeles. But it may be a little colder in Spain next week, so I thought I'd better get it fixed.

My dry cleaners told me today they could make the repair if I brought a replacement zipper into them. So at their suggestion, off I went to International Silks & Woolens on Beverly Boulevard.

What a trippy place! Open for 36 years, this store is like visiting a time capsule. The clerks still use sales books to write out orders. Zippers are found in the "Notions Department." I think this was my first visit ever to a Notions Department.

With so many different fabrics stacked floor to ceiling all I could think was a thousand drag queens must have been born there.

Knowing a good blog item when I see one, I decided to take a few photos on my way out. Before I was through the manager came over and asked if I had gotten permission to take photos. I said no and asked if he wanted to give me permission. He asked why I was taking the pictures. I explained that I keep a daily internet blog on my activities and asked him if he'd like my blog address (always trawling for readers). As his eyes glazed over he said, "No, that's OK -- you look legit."

Since then I've been scratching my head trying to think of what would be an "illegitimate" use of photos of International Silks & Woolens?
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