Thursday, December 22, 2005

Inland Empire Bound

Had a heck of a time getting home from San Francisco today. It was raining pretty good in the Bay Area and the flights out of SFO were delayed as a result. My flight scheduled to leave at 1:55 p.m. finally took off at 4:05. Most of that time was spent just sitting on the plane waiting to push back from the gate. Is the City of San Francisco ever going to get serious about solving the problems at SFO and build an additional runway?

And when is a better time to attempt to drive from LAX to the Inland Empire than 5:30 p.m.? I was a little late, but I finally made it to the Yard House Restaurant in the Victoria's Garden Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga for a Christmas Dinner with my family on my Mom's side.

It's a cool restaurant featuring dozens of different types of beer on tap. It was certainly lively inside -- in fact the music made it a little hard to hear each other. (They don't tell you that on their website -- oh, well).

It was great to see everybody and they were even good sports about taking a group photo afterwards.

Here's the line-up from left to right: sister Andrea, Lois (Janeen's mom), second cousin Amy (who lives just outside of London), Aunt Janeen, Uncle Harold (Mom's brother), cousin-in-law Vicki, cousin Peter and brother Justin.

Since I was running late I didn't have much of a chance to walk around the shopping center. But it seemed pretty impressive -- department stores, smaller boutiques, a movie theater and lots of restaurant.

Tomorrow night I'm off to Madrid via London Heathrow. I'll be blogging as internet connections allow.
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