Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Splash Zone

Had a lovely dinner tonight at Mark's Restaurant on La Cienega Boulevard with GeezBob, Cliff Smith -- visiting from New York City and Dan Conran -- visiting from San Francisco.

Great food and good service at a tiny table for four. All was going well until the waiter brought GeezBob's appetizer on an enormous plate and knocked over my drink while setting it down.

Fortunately, my reaction time remains quick and I jumped up and out of the way in time. Otherwise I would have had a lap full of Tanqueray and Tonic.

The staff quickly cleaned up the mess with little fuss and the evening resumed. No harm, no foul -- as they say.

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jimsivesind said...

At least they replaced the drink free of charge. I better stop going to restaurants with you, because I keep getting blamed whenever the waiter spills something. Last month, Eveline dumped the coke in Rui's lap and blamed me. This month, the Mark's waiter dumped the T&T in your lap and it's due to an enormous appetizer plate I ordered. Oh well, at least I am being consistent in my spilling habits.