Thursday, August 25, 2005

People at the Ballpark

This couple came back from getting food at the start of tonight's Dodgers game and got all upset because their seat cushions were missing. The woman was nearly in tears because she'd been putting her seat cushion down and leaving it to wander the ballpark for years with no problem.

I know the crowd at Dodger Stadium is getting rougher -- but I don't think anyone is really stealing seat cushions. My guess is they put their cushions down somewhere else and then came back to different seats. But she was insistent!
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ChrisWoznitza said...

Hi i´m Chris. Great page. Greatings from Germany Bottrop !!!

Tessenei said...

Ted, you just crack me up. This is definitely one of your best pages yet. I wanna see more of the personalities at Dodger Stadium. Too funny!