Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Whole Mishpokhe Was There

Sunday was Jewish Community Day at Dodger Stadium. Lainie Kazan sang the National Anthem. It was about 85 degrees out, so I was a little surprised at her decision to wear a large, red poncho.

After 15 years as a Season Ticket Holder I finally caught a foul ball. Well, "caught" may not be exactly the right word. At the start of the second inning, Giants left-handed hitter Ray Durham hit a sreaming line drive right at our seats. I crunched over to protect my ponem. The ball hit the hand of the guy seated right behind me and landed in the empty seat right in front of me and I grabbed it.

An usher came over to check on the hand of the guy behind me and asked me if I was going to give him the ball. I thought about it when the stadium paramedics brought some ice over for his hand.

Do you think I'm meshuge? That foul ball's going to look real good on the shelf in my office starting tomorrow.
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jimsivesind said...

I would have suggested you give him the ball if it were not for two reasons. First, when the same thing happened to you many years ago and you were in the position of the one with the stinging hand and not having the ball, the guy who got the ball didn't give it to you. Second, the guy today was a Giants fan. Therefore, this was a sign from above, on Jewish Day at Dodger Stadium, that what comes around goes around.

Tessenei said...

Ha! Like "he" would have given the ball to "you" if the situation were reversed! Fat chance!
And if the ball had hit several hands to whom would you award the ball? You were the one who picked up the ball and it belongs to you - fair and square!
Good on ya for not whimping out and giving the ball to whiny boy.
I'm sure that ball does look magnificent in your office.