Saturday, July 30, 2005

Bad Night for Coca Cola

10,000 Mormons attended tonight's Dodgers vs. Cardinals game. They saw one #@&! (heck) of a game.

The Dodgers beat the Cardinals, who have the best record in the National League, 7 to 5 and picked up a game on the Padres who were defeated by the Reds -- who are in last place in the NL Central Division.

Mrs. Larry King (a Mormon) sang the National Anthem. Somehow it was arranged for her to be accompanied by a recorded orchestra. Every other anthem singer is either accompanied by Nancy B. Hefly on the Dodger Stadium Organ or sings a cappella.

Mr. Larry King (not a Mormon) threw out the first pitch. He almost made it to the plate -- at his age -- so cut the guy some slack.

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jimsivesind said...

Bring on the minute maid lemonaide.