Sunday, July 31, 2005

Are You Kidding Me?

The worst pollster in America, Frank Luntz, was sitting in the Owner's Box today at Dodger Stadium. I can't imagine the McCourts are paying for his patented bad advice. They're too cheap.

Today's baseball trading deadline came and went today without the McCourts spending a penny to improve the team. Surprise, surprise! So much for McCourt's promise of a $100 million payroll. Obviously the new owner isn't committed to spending what it takes to win. Dodger fans are stuck with a mediocre team while McCourt looks to make money developing the land surrounding the stadium.

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irishlass said...

he is not the worst pollster! what are you talking about? don't you remember when he told ray baughman at the YR convention that only a geek would be wearing a tie in the middle of the afternoon in monterey -- and of course ray was wearing a tie! that takes real intelligence.