Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Thanks for Asking, Again

Watching an interesting screening tonight of "Kinsey" -- not the 20th Century Fox feature film, but a biographical documentary first aired on PBS.

Kinsey's collection of 18,000 individual sexual histories revolutionized scientific research on human sexual behavior. His first report on male sexual behavior in the 40s generated interest and curiosity. His report on female sexual behavior in the 50s generated outrage and denunciations -- including protests from a very young Rev. Billy Graham.

Ultimately his research got caught up in the Red Scare and the McCarthy hearings and finally the Rockefeller Foundation yanked its funding under political pressure.

And it's hard to image that all that time his homebase was Indiana University at Bloomington.

Of course, this was all pretty much covered in the feature film entitled "Kinsey." But it was still interesting to see it all again.

Now that the All-Star Break is over I can go back to attending baseball games. The Giants are coming into town tomorrow for the first of four consecutive games, and I'm going to them all.

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