Monday, July 11, 2005

Seeing Eye Blog

Saw a screening tonight of TV star Peter Paige's feature directing debut entitled "Say Uncle."

Paige plays a simple-minded fellow who enjoys playing with children. He's too innocent to understand that people might misinterpret his behavior (like telling children he meets in a park to call him "Uncle Paul.")

Sure enough, a group of Mothers -- led by a character beautifully played by Kathy Najimy -- demand that the police "bring him in."

In a Q&A after the movie, Paige said his point was we live in a society gripped by a culture of fear (that our children are going to be snatched from their bedrooms, that the mosquitoes are coming to kill us, etc.) and that's a calamity for human interaction.

Apparently afraid of ANY interaction, "Yes, Dear" star Anthony Clark who co-stars in the movie, snuck into the theater just as the movie was starting and snuck out just before it was over. But he sat across the aisle from me, and I see all.

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