Monday, July 04, 2005

How Is the Car?

Apparently a couple of cars in the parking lot caught on fire during the post-game fireworks show at Dodger Stadium tonight. Happily, mine wasn't one of them.

It wasn't clear from the report on the radio if it was the Dodgers' fireworks or ones set off by some fans that caused the fires. I prefer to blame Dodger Owner Frank McCourt.

We were on the field watching the fireworks and while they were playing Stars and Stripes Forever (which presumably was the Grand Finale) the fireworks stopped while the song played on. Eventually they just stopped the song and said the show was over and it was time to leave.

Of course we all booed another bumble by the Dodgers. It didn't help that they had just lost the game to the Arizona Diamondbacks 10 to 3.

You can make up your own analogy for the botched fireworks show and how the Dodgers' season is going.

Happy Fourth of July everybody!

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