Friday, July 22, 2005

That Never Happened Before

Went for the first time to The MET Theater in Hollywood to see "The People vs. Friar Laurence" starring my colleague, Jim Kieffer.

Unfortunately, when it was time to begin the show there were only two people in the audience (literally), so they cancelled the performance.

I had been psyching myself up to laugh and clap really loudly. Obviously, it was the other person they couldn't count on.

I wanted to see Jim perform, but I can't say I'm upset at the cancellation. I look at it as a gift of three hours of unstructured time.

My TiVo's been recording stuff all week, so I'll check out what it's got for me. I know there's at least one episode of "Strangers With Candy" starring Amy Sedaris -- so I'm in good shape.

And I'll check out Jim's show in August.

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