Thursday, March 08, 2007

I Came From the Land Down Under

My two flights on Wednesday (Sydney to SFO & SFO to LAX) went off like clockwork. I even had time for a nice shower at SFO in the Arrivals by United Suite (photo above).

I needed it too, after taking what the pilot described as a "short" 13 hour flight from Sydney to San Francisco.

I've never been a nervous flier, which may be why I can't relate to Iraqi national Fadhel Al-Maliki who was detained at LAX on Tuesday after he set off a metal detector. According to the L.A. Times, Al-Maliki "told screeners that he knew what triggered the alarm and proceeded to remove items from his rectum, including a rock, chewing gum and thin wire filament."

"During questioning, Al-Maliki said the objects in his rectum were used to alleviate stress." He also said, "the rock was from another planet."

Seems like it might be easier to meditate. Posted by Picasa

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