Friday, March 30, 2007

A Fan Friendly Stadium?

Today is one of Renee Rose's least favorite days. I regularly hear from her that my blog bores her when I write about "sports."

The Dodgers made their way back from their Spring Training Camp in Vero Beach, Florida and played an exhibition game tonight against the Angels.

It's always interesting to go to the stadium for the first time each season and see what Frank McCourt has done to ruin it even more.

Despite the Dodgers' claim they want to return to a family friendly environment they ripped out a souvenir stand on the Field Level and turned it into a giant walk-up bar. That should be interesting.

But tonight, at least, I could of used a drink after witnessing first-hand the awful new parking rules in place. Guests are now forced to park in certain lots -- whether they want to or not -- regardless of where they are seated. I was forced into a lot I've spent the last 16 years avoiding.

Obviously the "parking consultant" didn't consider that Dodger fans, especially those who go to several games a year, may have developed a strong preference to park in a particular area of the parking lot.

I admit that I'm a creature of habit, but I hate the idea that each time I go to Dodger Stadium I'm going to be forced to park in very different locations based on where they send me.

Seems like one logical solution is to go to less games. So maybe the news for Renee ain't so bad after all.
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Karen Prosser said...


All is not lost. You can come up to Northern California and enjoy a beautiful stadium in sensational downtown San Francisco. We promise to treat you like a king, except when the Dodgers are in town.