Sunday, May 28, 2006

Who Mentioned Macbeth in the Theater?

Went to the Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City tonight to see another of the one-person shows they are presenting as part of "Solomania."

As the lights went down before the show began the star, Adriana Sevan, was helped on stage on crutches. She spent the entire show seated on a chair with her bare right foot slightly elevated on a black pillow on the floor and her knee in a major brace.

By their nature, one-person shows can be rather static. Stick your star in a chair and you're really limiting your story-telling options. Sevan's show, "Taking Flight" is about two friends in New York City dealing with the aftermath of 9/11 when one is hospitalized with major injuries. Surprisingly for such an emotion filled subject, I thought the show was rather flat. I imagine the show was better when the performer could move around the stage.

After the show was over I asked Usher near the front exit if Sevan hurt her leg during a performance. Just as Usher was telling me that, yes, she had hurt herself while performing behind me I heard the loud sound of someone falling.

An elderly woman had fallen down the steps while leaving the auditorium and was sprawled down on her back in front of the stage. It was clear Senior had fallen hard by the sound and confirmed by seeing she had come completely out of her shoes which ended up a couple of feet from where Senior landed.

Usher rushed over to help Senior and I hurried out to the lobby to let Supervisor know and to suggest they call Ambulance Driver.

The new Kirk Douglas Theater has a major design flaw. The rows of seats go up steeply -- which is good for watching shows. But it also means the stairs are steep and the handrail along the steps ends before the last two rows at the bottom. This means wobbly walkers have to freestyle it from about the third row to the bottom of the steps.

GeezBob pointed out a giant tear in the carpet covering the last step of the staircase. Thinking about where her shoes were, I suspect freestyling Senior caught her heel on the tear and wound up on her back. Sure hope the Theater's insurance is paid up.

After dropping off GeezBob at his house I found out that Crenshaw Boulevard was completely shut down for police activity and I had to wind around residential streets in heavy traffic for several minutes.

Seems like there was plenty of bad luck to go around tonight.

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