Tuesday, May 23, 2006

ImTedGreen Out

The Dodgers claim to have sold 40,228 tickets to tonight's game against the Rockies -- and they may have.

But a lot of ticketholders didn't show up. Me thinks tonight's game had the bad luck of going up against the finals of American Idol and folks stayed home to watch TV.

I've never actually seen a single episode of American Idol -- but I can recognize of rating phenomenon when one exits. Maybe actual attendance at Dodger Stadium will rebound when May Sweeps is over.

Everyone who skipped the game missed a good one -- the Dodgers won 8 to 1, their sixth consecutive victory. The Dodgers have now won the series against each of the last six teams they've faced.

I had some good luck today. Exactly two weeks after I left my blazer on an airplane I got a phone call that United has located my jacket. I get to pick it up tomorrow at Lost and Found at LAX. My guess is it's been there all along, and they've finally gotten around to calling me. But I'm happy, not complaining.

Second piece of good luck -- just found out I'm one of 8,273 Californians who won $8 in today's Mega Millions lottery by matching three number. That should just about cover my gas and parking at LAX.
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