Saturday, May 20, 2006

He Was Still Alive at the Time

Had dinner tonight in downtown Culver City and the hot, new restaurant "Ford's Filling Station." Owner/Chef Ben Ford has received much notice for his other restaurants (including Chadwick's) but he is still best known as the son of Harrison Ford.

This excellent restaurant is more down-market then his other enterprises. It's more of an upscale, neighborhood hang-out -- that everyone wants to go to. Good food at reasonable prices -- what a concept in dining!

I was in Culver City to go to the Kirk Douglas Theater to see one of the solo shows currently running in rotation as part of "Solomania!"

Tonight's show was "Gaytino!" written and performed by 65-year-old Dan Guerrero. It's about his life as a Gay/Queer/Friend-of-Dorothy/Hispanic/Chicano/Latino/Mexican-American.

Fortunately, it's been an interesting life.

His father was a famous spanish-language songwriter and singer and along the way Guerrero spent time on the stage in New York City, as a Broadway talent agent, performed at the White House for Richard Nixon, produced shows at the Kennedy Center and the Cite de la Musique in Paris and befriended Cesar Chavez.

And he's happy to tell us all about it in song and dance.

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