Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ooohhh, Look At All Those Newspapers

Seems like everyone I bumped into today going up and back to Sacramento had a comment to make on the stack of newspapers I was lugging with me. And my stock response, "And they just print more every day" always gets a smile.

I was running late when I got to LAX this morning so I asked one of the jitney drivers to give me a ride to Terminal 8. She took me past their normal stopping point and right up to my gate -- which I thought was very nice.

When she noticed my stack of newspapers she asked, "Is there a picture of that boy who held his breath in that bubble of water?" Once I figured out she was talking about David Blaine I explained that I had so many newspapers to read I'd actually left today's three in my car. She said she expected a picture of Blaine to be on the front page. I said there might be a picture somewhere in the paper but I doubted it would be on the front page. "Well it ought to be," she said.

I guess I'll find out in two or three days when I get to today's papers. In the meantime, between both flights today I made it through Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's papers. So now I'm ready to tackle Saturday.

I know I'm tired because I walked off my plane home from Sacramento and left my blue blazer on board. I didn't even realize it until I got home. So tomorrow I get to go and find out what Lost and Found at LAX is like. I happened to notice my airplane was destined to fly from LAX to Philadelphia -- so I suppose my blazer could just as easily end up there in the morning.
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jimsivesind said...

Sounds like your subconscience telling you to go to Brooks Brothers today.