Thursday, May 04, 2006

Can I Be The One To Say It?

Well, it wouldn't be a trip to Humboldt State University without a protest -- and the students today did not disappoint.

This is the scene I walked into on the Central Quad after my meeting ended at 12:30. I'm happy to report my meeting had nothing to do with the protest.

Actually, I'm not exactly sure WHAT the protest was about. I know it involved immigration, colonial imperialism and the chant, "5000 dead --- 1200 silenced -- join us" or was it, "1200 dead --- 5000 silenced -- join us?"

I hung around for about 10 minutes but couldn't really figure out the exact issue. They would all chant the part about the dead and the silenced and then only one person (a different person each time) would call out the "join us" part. That amazed me -- they didn't seem all that organized but how they figured out who would shout the "join us" was beyond me.

When someone wanted to speak they'd hop up on one of the concrete walls and shoosh the chanting and make their speech. Then the chanting would begin again, with the haunting solo "join us." I almost did join them just to figure out how it worked. But then I had to go.
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