Thursday, May 25, 2006

Dammit! Perino's is MY Place!

Had a fun dinner tonight with my friend, Michael Self, at El Coyote in Hollywood -- the tackiest Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles (that's the most fun to go to).

Normally Michael and I have dinner there on Fridays. Not every Friday, but several Fridays a year. The host, Billy, knows us and makes sure we get a table in our favorite waitress, Mezerette's, section. She knows our order by heart and doesn't even bother to bring us menus.

But our schedules didn't synch up for several Friday so we decided to go there on a Thursday. I knew that GeezBob and his clique have dinner there on Thursdays. I hoped he wouldn't think we were invading his turf.

GeezBob and his tablemates all came over to say hello and, sadly, there were no Joan Crawford-esque catfights to report.

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