Saturday, September 20, 2008

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Hollywood's The Blank Theater Company is currently presenting the West Coast Premiere of Stephen Karam's comedy "Speech and Debate," directed by Daniel Henning (second from the left in the photo).

Set in Salem, Oregon, a high school's three member Speech and Debate Club form unlikely friendships as they work through their own adolescent alienation.

Aaron Himelstein, previously seen in The Blank's "Dickie & Babe: The Truth About Leopold & Loeb," impresses as an "investigative reporter" for his high school paper suppressing his own issues while chasing down the dirty gossip on others.

And what a thrill to see Dale Dickey on stage again. I didn't know she was in the show until I opened the program. Dickey is currently co-starring in Del Shores' "Sordid Lives" on LOGO and can also be seen as "Patty, the daytime hooker" on "My Name is Earl."

As someone who did speech and debate in high school, I enjoyed the show's look at the characters one encounters on the competitive speaking circuit.
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