Friday, September 05, 2008

It's Over!

I'm so happy the GOP convention is over. Between it, the Democratic convention last week, Hurricane Gustav and the Jerry Lewis Telethon I've watched way too much TV in the last two weeks.

I spent all Sunday night and Monday morning switching back and forth between CNN's Gustav coverage and the Jerry Lewis telethon. I have to admit I was pretty disappointed by this year's telethon (always one of my annual favorites). With all due respect to Jerry Lewis and Ed McMahon, if you can't stay up all night you shouldn't do a telethon. Isn't that the point of a 22-hour telethon? Every time I tuned in hoping to see Jerry Lewis do his "insane man conducts the orchestra" bit I just saw some bizarre Las Vegas circus act or a country-western band.

What I wanted to see was some dramatic moment like this clip from the 1968 telethon when a drunk Joan Crawford shows up. Be sure to watch until the end when she tells Christina she's "got some work to do."

In celebration of my liberation from the TV set I went to see an interesting new movie from the Czech Republic, "I Served the King of England." This movie traces forty years in the life of a man in in the Czech Republic from the glory days of the 30s to the German invasion to Soviet domination. It's an interesting tale told from the point of view of a waiter at the finest hotels and brothels in Prague.
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