Friday, September 12, 2008

My grocery store -- the Pavillions in West Hollywood -- is shutting down on Friday. It's going to be torn down and replaced with a new, fancy Pavillions. It'll be closed for about a year.

I'm surprised by my own attachment to this store, which has grown during my weekly shopping trips over the past many years.

No one I've asked knows exactly when this store opened but I've talked to people who remember shopping here in the 60s.

I know where everything I buy is located in the store. I have a nodding acquaintanceship with many of the employees. I can keep track of initiatives on the street because the signature gatherers always show up here. I've even been known to buy a box (or two) of Girl Scout cookies on sale by the local troop.

To clear out the merchandise the store put everything on sale for 50% off on Wednesday, prompting huge lines to get in.

I'm really at a lost over where to shop now. If you see me wandering in aisle at some foreign grocery store, lost, now you know what's going on.
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