Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oblivion Cow

My friend, Ron Frederick, who cuts my hair (what's left of it anyway) suggested I go see a new play by Dennis Miles called "Sona Tera Roman Hess" at the Lounge Theater on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood.

I went to see it on Sunday night and the next time I see Ron I'm going to have to ask him to explain it to me.

A family with a crazy Mother who uses the wrong words to describe things (she calls "wine" "oblivion cow") is torn apart by war. Their cousins in a traveling circus visit the family before and after the war -- they're in much worse shape after the war. The Mother announces their arrival both times with "the pigs are back." She's not malicious, she just uses the wrong words. She also calls her cats "pigs," and she certainly loves them.

I know there's an anti-war message in this play but I didn't really "get" it.
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