Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Coen Brothers Strike Again

"Burn After Reading," the Coen Brothers new movie, is great, great fun -- in a dark sort of way.

It all starts when a disk of "secret CIA stuff" is found on the floor of the ladies locker room in a DC area gym. "It was just lying there." Brad Pitt -- having too much fun as a compete dolt of a gym employee -- decides a little blackmail is in order. Frances McDormand -- who completely steals the movie, as usual -- joins in as Pitt's gym co-worker with major body issues. She's convinced with just four cosmetic surgeries her life will be completely different.

The Coen Brothers have a knack for creating outrageous characters and putting them into wild situations. And they prove in "Burn After Reading" a little bloody violence can be so much fun.
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