Monday, September 08, 2008

Running It Into the Ground

For the last 11 seasons Reprise! has staged old musicals, some famous and some not. They've built a considerable, loyal audience by making quality presentations of shows from long ago you can't see anywhere else.

Now starting its 12th season, Jason Alexander has taken over as their new Artistic Director and he's set on changing everything. He wants Reprise! (now renamed Reprise Theatre Company) to stage new works and more experimental shows.

How long will it take this guy's ego to bring ruin to a reliable source of entertainment in Los Angeles?

If the first show of the first season he's responsible for is any indication, not long at all.

I was part of a very quiet audience this afternoon which sat through (endured?) "Once On This Island," a Caribbean themed musical which ran on Broadway in 1990. While the cast is talented, this is just not the sort of show Reprise audiences expect (or I predict will return to).
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Driscoll Otto said...

It's funny that you think that Reprise! wouldn't go back to this style show... Have you read any other reviews? or audience responses?

This show is the biggest hit Reprise! has had in years!

I respect your thoughts and opinions on the show but, I am amused by your assumptions... it's as if there is no way to research the thoughts and comments of other people.