Monday, May 12, 2008

We Need a Fourth Wall

Sunday night was one of the strangest nights in a theater I've had in a long time.

I went to see a funny show called "Point Break Live." Perhaps you remember the terrible surfer/bank-robber/Keanu Reeves moved entitled "Point Break." Perhaps you don't.

This show reenacts the movie with a great gimmick -- they take someone out of the audience to play the Keanu Reeves role, reading off cue-cards held by an ever-present Production Assistant.

The cast has a great time with their over-the-top scenery chewing. But the action doesn't just stay on the stage. They take the idea of "audience interaction" to the extreme -- blasting the audience with super-soakers, water balloons and fake blood. (That's why they sell ponchos for a dollar at the door.)

I liked it when the obnoxious guy next to me got pushed to the ground (twice) during the bank robbery scenes. But I felt sorry for the woman sitting on the other side of me who got pulled up on stage only to have (surprise) fake blood spat in her face. She took it like a good sport but when she returned to her seat her eye make-up was running so bad all I could think of was Jan Hooks doing Tammy Faye Baker crying on SNL.
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