Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't Call

Funny premise, poorly executed. "Cell Phone Funeral," written by John Patrick Trapper seemed like a promising show (at the Actor's Playpen in Hollywood).

A young man leaves his East Coast family to move to Hollywood. A few years later he's killed in a hit and run accident. His clueless Mother comes to L.A. to bury him and, not knowing any of his friends, sends a bulk text message to everyone in the deceased's cellphone. Odd characters show up at the funeral. And, yes, it's supposed to be a comedy.

Unfortunately, the broad stereotypes aren't funny and the "touching" scenes aren't touching.

According to the program, writer Trapper was at a motivational seminar last Fall and, after seven years of not producing anything, he set the random date of April 11th to have his first play open in Los Angeles.

Hate to stomp on a guy's dream, but this show is a message best left unanswered.
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