Thursday, May 22, 2008

Over the past few months I've seen the trailer for "The Visitor" more than any other movie.

I knew that I wanted to see it -- I really like it's star, Richard Jenkins, who played the dead father on "Six Feet Under." My only concern was the trailer seemed to show the entire movie and left little of the story unknown.

So when I went on Tuesday night I was pleased by a nice surprise right from the get go (which I'm about to spoil for you) and that is Marian Seldes' cameo as a matter-of-fact piano teacher.

And it turns out I guessed the wrong ending based on the trailer (but I'm not going to spoil that).

Jenkins plays a college professor completely coasting through life following the death of his wife. A professor in Connecticut he returns to his rarely used New York City apartment to find two immigrants living in it.

An unlikely friendship develops and seeing life through their eyes -- and feeling emotions through their music -- Jenkins' character learns to live again.

It's as beautiful and touching a movie as the preview leads one to believe.
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