Thursday, May 15, 2008

Small theaters in Los Angeles show up in the strangest places. For instance, the Hollywood Fight Club Theater is located next to a Tattoo Parlour in a two story strip mall at the corner of Sunset and Highland.

I went there Tuesday night to see their production of Tony Kushner's "The Illusion."

Unfortunately, the acting was pretty amateurish and Kushner's script about the ephemeral nature of love was incomprehensible. Kushner's writing is normally dense, but usually a few themes or ideas emerge. Not in this show. It was just words, words, words to me.

During intermission I wandered into the Tattoo Parlour and checked out their big board of potential tattoos. I tried to imagine myself with a giant, colorful tattoo on my arm. Couldn't decide whether to go with the skeleton holding a giant beer or the crazy dog on a motorcycle. Fortunately the lights in the theater flickered and it was time to go back in for Act Two.
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