Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Shut-In

Didn't go out tonight, just stayed home catching up on what TiVo has recorded for me.

I did go to the ginormous (bigger than gigantic, bigger than enormous) West Hollywood Target store at Santa Monica and La Brea.

I've only been there once before, it's so big I find it a little intimidating. But I needed some painter's tape (that blue tape that comes off without damaging a wall's paint job) and Target seemed the logical place to go.

I stepped in the door and was immediately overwhelmed with no idea how to even find the tape. I asked a clerk and she suggested the "stationary department." I may not be a Target regular, but even I knew that didn't sound right.

A second clerk suggested I try "Home Improvements." That sounded right but he said it like I would know where "Home Improvements" was. His next answer, "Aisle F60" seemed scary too. He pointed to the far corner of the store. (Because of the curve of the earth you can't actually see where the store ends.)

Off I went and finally I reached the far corner of the store. And when I got to Aisle F60 there was a delightful display of different sorts of tape. The second clerk was right on!

My new favorite toy is the price scanner located throughout the store. It scans the barcode on your product and tells you the price. On the long journey back to the cashier I checked the price of the tape on five different scanners. They all had the right price -- $7.99. Ain't technology grand!


Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

We all must shop sometime. Perhaps that picture from the day before was your subtle suggestion to yourself that you needed to do some. Hope you enjoyed your evening off!

Karen B Prosser said...

Boyfriend, you need to get out more!