Saturday, May 12, 2007


Ever since I saw "Away From Her" earlier this week I've been freaked out by any evidence of senility on my own part.

For instance, yesterday I got into my car and wanted to put the top down and went to put on my cap. (Seven years ago when I first got a convertible I promised Rochelle Lewis I would always wear a cap if the top was down to protect against skin cancer -- and I like to think of myself as a man of my word.) So I looked on the front seat -- no cap. I looked in the back seat -- no cap. I looked on the floor in front of the back seat -- no cap. And then I realized I had already put the cap on. That's not good.

Different topic:

Went to Dodger Stadium Friday night to watch the Dodgers play the Cincinnati Reds. Before the game I went to the "Dodgers Express" stand to get some food. After waiting in a long line at the "Express" stand I handed the cashier my credit card to pay for the food. And waited....and waited...and waited while her register simply said "processing." One of the other cashiers called out, "Is the credit card system down again?" Another clerk replied, "I think so." After waiting even longer, with the folks behind me growing restless, the manager came over and asked me if I had any cash.

I replied that 1) we DO live in the 21st century, 2) billions of credit card transactions are processed everyday and I didn't understand why this was a constant problem at Dodger Stadium and 3) the sole purpose of man's existence on Planet Earth is to accumulate frequent flyer miles.

He started to walk away and then turned around and graciously said he was comping my meal. That certainly was unexpected at Dodger Stadium and left me speechless. But I still didn't get any miles.
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