Monday, May 07, 2007

You Owe Me 746 Words

Richard Gere stars in the new movie "The Hoax." I saw it tonight in Century City. Set in the early 1970s, it's about the "fake" autobiography Clifford Irving wrote with Howard Hughes and sold to McGraw-Hill for a million dollars.

It was interesting to see all the shots of McGraw-Hill's New York City offices and conference rooms stripped of nearly all technology -- just a telephone on the desk and maybe an electric typewriter behind a secretary. And the conference rooms were just a table, chairs and some glasses of water. No speakerphone, no powerpoint projector and no videoconferencing equipment -- how prehistoric!

Spoiler ahead -- don't read this paragraph if you're going to see the movie (and I hope you do see it) -- the movie suggests Howard Hughes did actually cooperate by sending the author damning information on President Nixon and then claiming he knew nothing of the book (in his last public communication ever); killing the book and earning a chit with the Nixon Administration at the same time. The movie goes on to claim that Nixon's "Hughes paranoia," fueled by the accusations included in the book's galleys, led to the Watergate break-in because he was convinced the DNC had an advance copy.

Alfred Molina and Marcia Gay Harden (whom I adore) co-star as co-conspirators.

The Simpsons photo has nothing to do with this movie. (A Hoax!) It's just a cool display in the lobby of the Century City AMC Theater and I'm excited to have my camera back in working order.

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