Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Awkward Silence

Perhaps I was a little grumpy at Dodger Stadium tonight. After all, the Dodgers are in the midst of playing eight meaningless games since they were eliminated from the division race last Saturday night.

So when the guy directly in front of me came in during the second inning and decided it was time to loudly play the Dodger radio broadcast from a boombox at his feet I asked him, "Do you have an earplug for that?"

When he said he didn't I politely informed him that the Dodgers don't allow radios to be played without using earplugs.

"Oh, is that on the ticket?" he asked.

"No, it's part of the Code of Conduct," I explained.

"Do you have a copy of it on you?" he challenged.

I actually did carry a copy of it for a few games early in the season after the Dodgers started publicizing it -- but, alas, I stopped carrying it because I figured I'd never actually end up in a situation where I could whip it out of my pocket to make a point.

"No, but I'd be happy to get an Usher to explain the rule to you," I replied.

At this point, since he was part of a group of seven people sitting where they only had four valid tickets he backed down.

And he sat for the rest of the game with his boombox turned off under his seat.

And I spent the rest of the game writing this blog entry in my head.

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