Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ashes to Ashes

The Dodgers played their last home game of the season tonight. And of course they lost to the Arizona Diamondbacks 3 to 2.

Somehow, it seemed only fitting that we sat next to the most obnoxious fans of the entire season (photo above). F-Bombs galore. They used the F-Bomb as a verb, an adjective and even an adverb. (Actually, I'm not sure what an adverb is -- but I'm confident they used it that way.)

At one point GeezBob complained to an usher. So much for enforcing the Dodger Code of Conduct! Dodger Stadium staff did absolutely nothing -- even when they were dropping F-Bombs at the top of their lungs.
There are brushfires burning throughout the Southland, and it was a little creepy to see ashes in the air and to smell the smoke at Dodger Stadium.

But it also seemed like a fitting end to a disastrous season that saw the Dodgers go from being the defending Divisional Champions to ending up in fourth place.

And yet, as we were leaving the stadium they announced that the 3 million plus tickets sold this year was the second highest number of tickets sold in Dodger franchise history.

If they can field a mediocre team and lose more than half their games and still sell that many tickets what incentive is there to improve?

Tomorrow I'm off to Phoenix to attend Saturday's USC vs. Arizona State football game in Tempe.
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