Thursday, April 21, 2005

We Now Resume Our Regular Programming

Saw the creepy, little movie "Palindromes," directed by Todd Solondz, tonight. It starts with a funeral and only gets more intense from there.

Solondz certainly came up with quite a cast of characters. I kept thinking it was like a John Waters without the sense of humor.

The movie certainly elicits laughs. But the are of the nervous variety. Like catching the giggles at a funeral or laughing when you see someone fall.

A big part of the story line centers on abortion. And I don't think activists -- pro or con -- will like how they look in it.

Ellen Barkin returns to the silver screen in this one. She remains amazing.

Ultimately the theme of the movie seems to be people never change. You end up just the way you start out. (Kind of like a palindrome -- a word or phrase spelled the same forward and back -- get it?)

So the Dodgers lost tonight -- 6 to 1 -- to the Padres. Proving even the Dodgers are human. Our mild mannered coach, Jim Tracy, got kicked out. During the argument Vin Scully explained to the television audience that the Home Plate Umpire kept repeating, "Fertilizer, fertilizer." Vinny is a much better announcer than he is a lip reader.

Oh, I've got to go. There's a car chase on the news. Only in L.A. They'll set aside every other story to follow a chase. They think the driver is drunk, so this one has potential. Look out for those spike strips.

Update: The chase just ended when the driver pulled over on the freeway and got out of the car. It was a naked lady! What's up with that? Talk about your wardrobe malfuction. Who needs to go to the movies to see how weird people are? The newscasters seem a little disappointed to have to return to regular news stories now.

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