Monday, April 25, 2005

Settling In

Even though the Dodgers lost 4 to 2, I enjoyed attending my first night game of the season tonight. I remembered to take my ticket this time, so I was there well before the game began. This gave me a chance to score the game -- which really helps me concentrate on the game.

Tonight's crowd proved that our society continues to get more and more coarse as time goes on. Two rows in front of us three guys in their 20s couldn't help but cuss with every other word they said. Finally a guy in front of them decided he couldn't take it anymore. He stood up and demanded they stop what they were doing. I think the cussers honestly had no idea that their language could possibly be offending anyone around them. Their vocabulary had been reduced to about four adjectives, that's all. So, while I object to their language, I think they had no idea what they were being accused of.

Of course Mr. Stand Up handled it poorly, and once the twenty year olds weren't contrite he proceeded to dump his beer all over them. Lovely. Surprisingly, it didn't escalate from there -- despite the people behind me rooting for a fight.

I was sitting next to two fourteen year olds who ended up splattered with beer. They actually seemed tickled at the prospect of explaining to their Moms why they were coming home from the ballpark smelling like beer.

And, no, I'm not in the cheap seats.

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