Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Riches of Embarrassment

The Arizona Diamondbacks completed their sweep of the Dodgers tonight, winning 6 to 3. This means the Dodgers fall out of the lead of the National League West. How embarrassing!

The Carl's Jr. I go to inside the stadium was evacuated because of smoke when I got there. All the staff was outside, but no one bothered to tell the hapless fans waiting in line that food production had come to a halt. That's how you make "Happy" Star "Sad."

Even more embarrassing is seeing the greedy Dodgers have stooped so low that even the rakes they use to drag the infield have advertising on them -- as you can see in the photo above.

Los Angeles Times sports columnist Bill Plaschke had an embarrassing article for the Dodgers in today's paper. He details how disastrous the new seats on the field are. The sightlines are terrible. In an effort to put in as many seats as possible, the McCourts built rows with 25 seats between the aisles. So you're climbing over a lot of people to get to your expensive seat that you can't see the batter from. And then Plaschke revealed the McCourts put their just-out-of-adolescence son, Jethro, in charge of the project. The fans are up in arms and the McCourts are going to have to spend millions more to fix Jethro's mistakes.

But the biggest embarrassment of the day comes by way of tonight's giveaway -- a fleece blanket. (Given the ticket prices at least the blanket is aptly named.) The blanket was supposed to list the years of the Dodgers' five World Series victories. But they got two of the years wrong! And no one caught it in time to fix it before the game. (So much for treasuring the Dodgers' historic legacy.) Instead they handed out the bum blankets with forty percent of the years wrong and gave fans a piece of paper we can send in to get a blanket with the correct years on it. If that don't beat all!

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