Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fanali Takes the Mound

Spent this afternoon at a park in Santa Monica watching Max Fanali -- friends Rochelle Lewis and Nino Fanali's son -- play baseball.

11 year old Max maintained his composure under pressure -- including striking out the side with the bases loaded in the fourth inning.

After the game Max informed me I hadn't witnessed his finest pitching performance (that came when he struck out nine batters in four innings when he pitched against the Mets).

Tonight I saw Nicole Kidman's new movie "The Interpreter." How many languages can you say "not so great" in? It's a political thriller set at the U.N. that's not very thrilling and politically uninteresting. At least there are some good shots in and around New York City.

Tired of checking blogs only to find out nothing new has been posted? I've added a new feature to my blog -- bloglines. It's a free service. You give it a list of blogs you like to read and it checks them for updates once an hour. Then you log on to your bloglines account and it has all the updates for you in one place. If you only read one or two blogs it's probably not worth the effort. But I put 14 blogs in a few days ago and I'm loving it. You'll find the button on the left side of my home page right next to my site meter -- which is approaching 300 visits, by the way.

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jimsivesind said...

I think you can get a better pic of Max next time. Let's have one where we don't have to look at him through the chain links.