Friday, December 03, 2004

Yes, I'm Coming At You

I cut it a little close last night catching my 7:54 p.m. flight from Oakland to LAX after the Junior Statesmen Foundation Board of Trustees meeting.

I guess the first bad sign was when the automatic check-in machines switched off as I was walking up to one when the clock clicked from 7:30 to 7:31.

I hadn't really been too concerned about being late because I figured I could simply take the next flight out. Imagine my shock when I found out the 7:54 flight was the last United flight out of Oakland ANYWHERE!

Of course, the desk agent told me it was too late to check-in. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She talked to the supervisor and he told her no. I asked to SPEAK to the supervisor. So she called and told me he'd be right out. I waited one minute and then expressed my concern that he was going to wait until after the flight had left to come out. So she called him again and at that point I got my boarding pass (7:40).

I rushed to security to find a LONG line. There's no way I would make it if I waited in the line. So I had to sweet-talk my way into the front of the line. I was a little shocked at how nice and understanding the people at the front of the line were. (Note to self: Remember that the next time someone asks to get in front of me at security.)

I was through security by 7:45 -- 9 minutes to go. But I still had to get to my gate before they closed the door. At this point I humped it through the crowded concourse running full-speed straight ahead. You should have seem some of the looks people's faces when they saw me coming right at them. But I'll tell you what: they got out of my way.

I made it on the plane in time to see them move someone in coach into "my" seat upfront. But I didn't care -- I made it.

And, best of all, I saved $100 over flying out of SFO.

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