Thursday, December 16, 2004

Nice Chattin' With Ya!

Went by the Brazilian Consulate this afternoon to pick-up my Entry Visa (which only took them a month to process!)

The Consulate is located in the Flynt Publications Office Tower in Beverly Hills. Despite what you might think of their named tenant, it's actually a pretty nice building.

Anyway, as I was dropping off my car at the valet I noticed Larry Flynt being helped into his car. He was actually pretty easy to spot. How often do you see a Bentley Limousine with a gold-plated wheelchair next to it and a guard standing in front?

Larry Flynt's been on my mind for much of the past year. Nearly every speech I gave during the No on 68 campaign cited him as the Evil Mastermind behind the initiative, which would have placed 1,000 slot machines at his Hustler Casino along with other card clubs and race tracks throughout the state.

I really wanted to ask Larry for his analysis of why his initiative only got 16% of the vote in one of the worst trouncings of any measure in the nearly 100-year history of initiatives in California.

Sadly, by the time I was out of my car Larry was all packed-up in the passenger seat and his car was moving. I waved at him as he went by. But I didn't get a thumbs up or even a glance. He just sort of stared straight ahead like a drugged-out zombie.

Now I wish I still had my No on 68 sticker on my bumper. I could have at least pointed to it whilst waving.

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