Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Putting My Best Foot Forward

Had a nice time last night at the annual Wheelspinners Party at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. It was fun seeing so many familiar faces at this annual gathering of Southern California political types. I can't say I get the same charge out of it as the first time I went when I was 18-years old. But since I've only missed it twice in the last 23 years (once for a college final and once when I was living in DC) it's clear I always enjoy going.

I was most impressed to see journalist Lou Cannon at the party. I've never noticed him at one before. But given the Spencer - Roberts/Ronald Reagan connection, Cannon is a natural to attend.

Then I caught a late night flight to Sacramento and really pissed-off the guy sitting next to me when I asked him to put his bag under his own feet rather than mine. I mean the guy just flew off the handle. I didn't lose my cool, but I didn't back down either. And, yes, I got my legroom back.

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