Sunday, December 05, 2004

No Serenity for Bruins

Yesterday the USC Trojans defeated the UCLA Bruins 29 to 24 in one of the all-time great football games. With the mighty Trojans coming into the game ranked Number One in the country, with the opportunity to play for the National Championship at the Orange Bowl on the line, the stakes were high.

It's the only football game I've ever been to where the fans (all of them) stood for the entire game. The Trojans dominated from the start with a touchdown on the game's second play. But they never ran away with it.

My seats were right by the Trojan Band and I had a great view of our quarterback Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush who rushed for 204 yards, conducting the band during the victory celebration.

What an afternoon! And my favorite Bruin, Debbie Calvo, gets to buy me lunch yet again.

Celebrity Sighting: Saw Jerry Stiller in the audience of "Paint Your Wagon" at the Brentwood Theater. I held my self back from rushing up to him during intermission to yell, "Serenity Now!"

The show wasn't very good. But most productions by the Geffen Playhouse aren't very good. But "They Call the Wind Mariah" is a pretty song.

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