Sunday, December 19, 2004

Too Dull for Comfort

Last night I endured "Les Miserables" -- the world's most boring musical -- at Hollywood's Pantages Theater. The music is repetitive, the story uninspired and the staging is dusty.

Having seen both "Urinetown" and "Forbidden Broadway" make fun of "Les Mis'" overuse of the on-stage turntable, it was hard not to chuckle when they sang "Turning" while the mighty turntable spun.

Even Dame Edna calls the audience in the Mezzanine her "Mezzies."

I certainly was miserable -- so I guess you can call the show's title "truth in advertising."

But the evening was saved when I saw Jm J. Bullock at the grocery store. I'm going out of town today, so shopping at 11:30 on a Saturday night was my only option. What's his excuse?

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