Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Bette Midler is a Sit Down Concert

Really loved Bette Midler's concert last night at the Arrowhead Pond in Orange County.

But you know you have an aging fan base when I'm one of the youngest people in the audience.

The Divine Miss M didn't shy away from political comments even though she was behind the Orange Curtain, at one point commenting, "this sure is a Blue audience for such a little Red county."

Delores DeLargo, the mermaid freak-show performer who just wants to star on Broadway, was back as was the salty mouthed, elderly Soph. The dirty jokes were funny, but what is it about a perfectly-timed rim-shot that makes comedy even funnier?

Bette made her entrance by flying in on an aerial carousel horse. Very cool.

Midler was surprised near the end of the show with a birthday cake and a celebration of her birthday. I was glad to learn that today really is her birthday. Not that I'm cynical, but I assumed that every concert was "on" her birthday so the audience would feel like they had witnessed something special.

But the biggest relief was that the audience sat down during the show. My days of happily standing through a concert are behind me. Other than during "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" my fellow-concertgoers stayed seated -- loving the show -- but seated.

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