Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ta ta, Derwood -- I'm off to Bangkok

My friend, Brian Perry, always thought that would be the perfect exit line as Endora left the Stevens' household on "Bewitched." Perhaps she'd be meeting up with Dr. Bombay.

Both of yesterday's flight went off on-time and now I'm in Bangkok, ready to start exploring.

If there was any doubt whether or not it's worth cashing in the points to fly First Class, yesterday's Asiana Airlines 13 hour flight from LAX to Seoul, South Korea put the question to rest. The service was absolutely exquisite.

The nice lady above escorted me from the check-in counter through security at LAX' massive Tom Bradley International Terminal. And when it was time to go she escorted me (and three other passengers) from the First Class Lounge onto the 747 airplane.

Here's something I've never seen on a plane before: I ordered the steak for lunch and they actually asked me how I wanted it cooked -- rare, medium or well done. On an airplane!
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