Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Theodore Kenneth Barcelona

I didn't go to Barcelona on this trip but, apparently, my luggage did. Yesterday, somewhere between Athens, Geneva and Lisbon my bag got directed to Barcelona.

I went into a little bit of a panic when it didn't show up in Lisbon last night. I was only there for 12 hours and I was NOT excited about continuing on to Rio without my bag. I had no confidence TAP would 1) find my bag; 2) forward it to Rio and 3) deliver it to my hotel.

I learned four years ago in Cape Town not to rely on an airlinesto proactively deliver bags (I went two days without luggage, waiting for it to be delivered, when it had been just sitting in the Cape Town airport all that time).

So this morning when I found out my bag had been misdirected to Barcelona I snapped into action. Fortunately there was an early morning flight from Barcelona to Lisbon, arriving 90 minutes before my departure to Rio, and TAP had put my bag on it. Instead of counting on the airline to retag the bag in Lisbon and put it on the Rio flight I staked out the baggage office and waited and waited and waited until my bag finally showed up.

I checked it in for the Rio flight myself and what a thrill to see it roll down the conveyor belt at the airport in Rio.
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