Thursday, December 18, 2008

Monday night I went to see "Rachel Getting Married" for which Anne Hathaway is nominated for a Golden Globe. She certainly gives an amazing performance as a young woman just out of rehab who returns to her family home just in time for her sister's wedding. And the battle to see who gets the most attention during the wedding is on!

I was blown away by how this film presents the strength of a sibling relationship, strained yet impenetrable at the same time. I'm always fascinated by depictions of sibling relationships. I have three half-sisters, one half-brother, a step-brother and a step-sister (welcome to the 70s) but they're all much younger than me. I can't take my eyes of Hollywood portrayals of brothers and sisters of nearly the same age.

Tuesday night I went to see the much awaited "Doubt" starring Meryl Streep. I'd seen the play twice, once with Cherry Jones and once with Linda Hunt, so I was interested to see how it turned out on the big screen.

They certainly could do more with the story as a movie (the play only has four performers). Streep, of course, is amazing. (Hard to believe this is the same woman who sang her way through "Mamma Mia.") I just wish they hadn't been so heavy-handed with the allegories. (Do we really need heavy rain to cue the audience that things are getting tense?)

I went to see "Doubt" at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood. Movies here always start with a short welcoming speech by one of the ushers. They detail the care that goes into showing the movie and give the audience instruction on what to do if there's a problem. Well, Tuesday night there was no speech. And, sure enough, two minutes into the movie the screen went dark. After a couple of minutes they brought the lights up and an usher explained they were fixing the problem and the film would resume shortly. I hollered out the reason for the problem was because they didn't do the welcoming speech. No "doubt" about it at all.
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