Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jason Alexander continues to dig a grave for the Reprise Theater Company as it's Artistic Director.

This time he's doing it by choosing to present "I Love My Wife" and then "starring" in it. (Yet again proving Reprise has become the Jason Alexander Vanity Project.)

Originally presented on Broadway in 1977, this musical is about two couples who decide to swap to keep up with the sexual revolution. Sadly, the show is as relevant today as bell bottoms. (Interestingly, the show's book was rewritten and the couples made 15 years older to accommodate Jason Alexander casting himself.)

The usually reliable Cy Coleman's music is pretty lame here. And unlike Reprise shows of the past that presented a large cast singing and dancing before a live orchestra, this show features a cast of four along with four musicians who sometimes join in the singing and moving the scenery.

Like Howard Hughes trying to fly the Spruce Goose, this show barely started to get out of the water whenever Patrick Cassidy was singing and dancing, only to crash back down whenever "George Castanza" returned to the spotlight. (It's amazing how much Patrick resembles his dad, Jack Cassidy.)

The audience was stunned into silence during intermission by how bad the show was and fled as soon as it was over (those who stayed for the Second Act).

And I could have lived a happy life without ever seeing Jason Alexander eating banana cream pie with his shirt off.
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