Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fix 'em in the Eyes with a Masterful Gaze

Wednesday night I went to see my all-time favorite movie, "Auntie Mame," at it's annual Christmastime screening at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood.

Every time I see this movie I notice something new. Tonight I focused on how funny the Comden and Green script is and how impeccable Rosalind Russell's comic timing is.

Pippa Scott (left) was on-hand to answer questions. She played Pegeen Ryan in the movie -- the girl who ends up with the boy.

She said during the pre-screening reception someone casually asked her (not knowing she was in the movie) if she realized the movie was made 50 years ago. I'm sure her response of "you're kidding," came with timing that would have made Russell proud.
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